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ESTYLF is the Spanish Conference for Fuzzy Logic, which I’ve been attending since 2012 (actually, that ESTYLF 2012 was the first conference I attended). This year the conference will be hosted by the University of Granada, and we are organising a special session on Soft Computing + Natural Language Generation, together with Daniel Sánchez and

IPMU 2018

Although this year I intend to focus mostly on preparing journal papers, I will be attending IPMU2018, which is one of the fuzzy logic-related conferences I hadn’t been to before. It will be held in Cádiz, one of my favourite cities for personal reasons.

Interview in the Galician TV

I was interviewed this 21 Dec. in the Galician TV (TVG) to talk about my work on GALiWeather and in general, about Fuzzy Logic and Natural Language Generation. Actually, this was my first time on a TV set. Quite an interesting experience! Here’s a link to the video (it’s in Galician and Spanish):

Visiting Dundee

Last Friday I visited the ARG-tech Centre at the University of Dundee to give a talk about how metrics and visualizations from argumentation analysis could be complemented with natural language generation. Thanks a lot to Martín Pereira, for arranging the meeting and contributing to the ideas that were shown and discussed during the presentation, which