Being involved in teaching activities at the University of Aberdeen

I had the chance to participate from Jan. to March. in teaching activities for the Natural Language Generation course which is part of the MSc on Artificial Intelligence that the Department of Computing Science offers here at the Uni. of Aberdeen. I must say it’s been a wonderful experience, not only because of the subject of the course, which is obviously interesting for me, but especially because of the freedom the course organizer, Prof. Kees van Deemter, gave to me and the trust he put on me.

I participated in helping prepare and demonstrating practical sessions on how to use SimpleNLG, and sessions on referring expression generation. On top of this, I was given the chance of having my own lecture and practical sessions, which I used to provide the students with some insights about vagueness and uncertainty in NLG, and an overview of how fuzzy sets could be used within NLG to model vocabulary. It was a very rewarding experience (I even got interesting and well-aimed questions from the students!).

I would like to thank the teaching staff for allowing me to participate in this, in addition to Kees, also James Forrest and Adam Wyner.